New YouTube Algorithm Explorations - 1/2/2016

Summary of Major YouTube Algorithm Changes From the Last 6 Months I Believe to Be True - By GamingCurios

There's been a lot of misconceptions about the new YouTube algorithm these days, a lot of people have information that is either outdated or not entirely correct. Here's what I have figured out so far after significant testing and experiementation. I don't claim these things to be 100% accurate, but they are my strongest hypotheses for everything that has changed recently.

- The Algorithm did not change just once very recently. It's changed significantly at least 3 times since about May, so it seems very very likely that it will continue to undergo serious change in the future. Google seems to be experimenting a lot with it. Before this year the algorithm changed significantly maybe once a year at most, if that.

- Daily videos are no longer 100% mandatory. They are still better overall as a creator, but now if you are uploading less frequently your individual videos will get a little bit of a boost than they otherwise would, and videos are no longer negatively impacted by not uploading daily. Before there were infinite reasons to upload daily and literally zero reasons not to, but now there is at least one legitimate benefit for not uploading daily. Daily vids are still a lot more worth it overall, but far from required to be successful.

- Streaming was really good, and then it wasn't. This is mainly how we know the algorithm changed so many times. The first change impacted streaming on youtube and made it INSANELY Overpowered for a short period of about a month or so, and then it was tuned down a bit to just be kind of okay. Streaming is no longer that powerful on YouTube, even though it was for a short period of about a month and seems to be undergoing changes systematically from YouTube before they increase the promotion for streams again

- The algorithm now favoring likes and comments more heavily than it did before is likely (but not certainly) false - to some extent. The thing is that it actually probably does favor them a bit more, but the amount of likes and comments you need to get for it to actually have a major impact on your promotion is so outrageously unrealistic, that this is something that is generally impossible to take advantage of. Estimated numbers are that you need around an increase of about 20x or more for it to have a major impact. In testing I found it difficult to increase things by more than 2-3x, and far and away impossible to increase anything by more than 5x.

- Video length isn't as impactful anymore. 6 months ago it was everything, but now minutes watched is weighted reasonably with retention %. Longer videos are definitely still better overall, but not as significantly as before. The main reason to make long videos now is midroll ads, which have become really just so insane.

- The subscription views are majorly hurt because videos will show up on the home page for your subscribers a bit less. This in turn is actually AMAZING for creators with little to no subs. There has never been a time in all of youtube's existence where it is easier to get views with no pre-existing viewerbase than now. Similarly, your own views rely a bit on non-subs wanting to see your videos. If your video gets shown and has good success with your non-subs, it will be shown to your actual subs a lot more. What this mostly means is that filler videos have become absolutely abysmal, every video needs to have at least some potential to get views much more than before.

- There are rumors that older videos are being promoted a lot more now. I'm still observing this a bit and have yet to find anything significant that points towards it being false. I also have yet to find substantial evidence towards it being true as well apart from anecdotal evidence. I will continue to monitor this!